How heavy is a steel door when compared to other options?

These doors range in between 40 to 50 kgs., depending on the size, frame profile and accessories selected.

What are the inclusions with a standard JSW Avante Steel Door?

The inclusions are

  • frame
  • door shutter / leaf
  • accessories
  • fitments

Is there any warranty on these doors?

It comes with a 5 -year warranty against manufacturing defects.

What is the infill being used and why?

The recyclable infill material that is being used has merits such as High crushing strength, acoustic insulation properties and is eco friendly

Are JSW Avante Steel Doors corrosion-resistant?

These doors are fabricated using premium quality Galvanized Steel and powder coated / painted to protect them against corrosion and weathering.

Are JSW Avante Steel Doors fire resistant?

Steel inherently has the properties to significantly sustain under fire as opposed to other material doors. Our doors have been fire certified for up to 2 hours.

Who is responsible for the delivery & installation of these doors?

Dealers / Channel partners appointed by the company are authorized and responsible for local delivery and installation.

What is the Turn Around Time to execute the made to order deliveries?

The order cycle time is typically 2 months from the date of confirmation.

Is it necessary to predetermine the accessories required before placing an order?

The standard range is supplied with a set of accessories. As for the customized orders our dealers will help you choose the right combination considering the needs of the end user at the time of placing the order.

Are JSW Avante Steel Doors readily available in market?

Stock in standardized sizes & accessories are available with our authorized dealers.

Is the option of customized sizes & choice of accessories open for / offered to the customer?

Customization is possible over certain quantity depending on the variations, complexity and availability.

Who will handle any concerns pertaining to or replacement of the accessories when need arises?

The local / nearest dealer will at all times be the point of contact for any assistance and service